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Everyone seems to be a Food Critic.. These-days...
Are you getting your share of GREAT Restaurant Reviews?
Restaurant Reviews are a Staple of the New Economy... Smart Restaurateurs use Great Reviews to Share the Excitement of New Venues - Great Food - Feedback on Events, Fund Raisers and Lots More!

Great Restaurant Reviews = More NEW Customers !

See how easy it is to get 5, 10, even 20 Great Reviews EVERY Week or Month.. Our Hot New technology can run on a Smartphone or on a Simple 8" Tablet ! Join us on the Next Webinar or Call for more Information!

Restaurant Reviews Attract Loyal Long Term Customers!

You just need to get them to Try Your Restaurant ONE Time!
Picture this: you're in a new town and ready to go out to eat... What do you do? You're at a hotel - you ask the staff... take their suggestions for a Great Restaurant... then you do what we all do pull out your smart phone and look for local restaurants and reviews from people who have tried the restaurant. Your eye is attracted to the 5 Star Reviews first - you read what past customers have to say and Boom you're done - Great Reviews from Restaurants with 5 Stars a(and LOTS of Reviews).  The question is: Do you have a 5 Star Reputation and LOTS of Great Reviews - If you don't - you're DEAD in the water! You'll lose to your competition.
Great Reviews FILL Your Restaurant
Got Some?

88% Have Read Reviews To Determine The Quality Of A Local Business

85% Of Consumers Say They Read Up To 10 Reviews

72% Of Consumers Say That Positive Reviews Make Them Trust A Local Business More

88% Of Consumers Say They Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations

The BEST marketing any RESTAURANT could have is Happy Customers sharing their "RAVE REVIEWS"  with the connected world!  In Print, In Images and NOW in Videos!

Eating out in great Restaurants is a national pastime. Problem is: So are looking for Restaurant Reviews before going out to eat! Some Smart Restaurant Owners were early adopters - encouraging customers to go online and leave reviews. Maybe you were one.. maybe you got a little response. maybe not... but lets face it.. like all Great ideas if you don't have a great system for Collecting and Syndicating Great Restaurant Reviews it's just another job - a job you don't have time for! Every prospect online is looking for... "Real Feedback from Real Customers". People want to read, listen to, and watch, Real Feedback and honest Customer Reviews. The recipe is Simple - outpace your competition by collecting and Marketing MORE Happy Customer Reviews across MORE Social sharing sites, MORE websites, MORE video channels, creating MORE backlinks and consistently delivering your quality Content in Volume. This is the key to Dominating your market and consistent sales Increases. Get started today - Our System will Capture your Happy Customers Feedback then... we'll Market it for you! Sharing their outrageous, passionate, happy, RAVE Restaurant Reviews and stories of why YOU are the BEST in your in the area. Great Restaurant Reviews are the Right Content to pull in a steady stream of new diners and sales every week !
To Dominate your Market.. and WIN..  you Must take Consistent, Decisive Action.. If you Don't and your competition Does... the hole you'll need to "dig out of" will get deeper, and more expensive as each day passes

Let Your Happy Customers Tell Your Story.

Build it...and They Will Come...
SEO it and they will find you...
Share it.. they will Engage...
Sell it and they will BUY...

Collect Reviews 4 EZ Ways

App - Webpage - Text or  Call! Customers LOVE to leave FEEDBACK - when you give them an EZ to use system that makes sharing their Feedback easy for them! You can also Reward them for Sharing!

Pro Syndication & SEO

Done-4-You Syndication is the "secret sauce" that compounds your marketing by delivering top ranking positions on Sites like Google+ Facebook, Twitter and 100's More - Your "Lead Flow" problem Solved!

Bad Reviews - No More!

This single factor could Kill your sales.. But, now you can Intercept Bad Reviews.. Connect with your customer and Fix any problems! You'll never have a Bad review post online again.. Only Great Reviews!  

Targeted Marketing List

Each New Feedback / Review automatically adds a Hyper-Targeted Contact to your Marketing list! Login in to your CRM to easily keep in touch! Send Promo Emails, Perks, Rewards, Events Announcements - holiday promotions and more!

HOT!!  Hollywood Style Videos!

Professional Actors present your Customers RAVE Reviews in Video! You've never seen anything like this before! Then we SEO the Videos and Syndicate to sites like Youtube, Vimeo and many More!

Reporting & Optimization

Rave Reviews will have your Phone Ringing "off the hook" and that's Great... Now it's time to Optimize for Better Results! Views, Engagement Geo Locations and more tell us what to do next! Collecting more leads and SALES has never been so "predictable" Until NOW!

Helping Local Businesses Dominate their Markets and WIN is what we live for...

This is a Done-4-You Service with complete access to reporting, email promo marketing and lots more!


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