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When someone visits your website the likelihood that they will return is near ZERO. The actual statistics are that 98% of all visitors leave Never to return again. That is Unless you pixel that visitor - so you can keep the conversation going. There are Many ways to tag your visitors based on where they visited your website. This is important Data - so you know how to follow up with them buy placing the Right Ads in front of them (based on the Exact page they visited) to bring them back for an Opt-In, a second look, a phone call or a Sale!

What is a Pixel?  GREAT Question! PIXELS are simply a small snippet of code that communicates with your ad-platform and triggers the next action. 

Reduce Your Cost Per Click - With Banner Ads & RTB - Remarketing Tactics on Facebook, Through Email Ads, YouTube Ads, your Website and Top Sites Online. Did you know: you can Target your Customers by their Interest? Targeting Cat Lovers - No Problem, How about only running your ads in the Zip-Codes where you do business - you got it! Once you have all your targeting data setup, your ads can follow your prospects around the web as they browse. Here is what happens next: they keep seeing your ads, as they do they'll be thinking "wow this company is Everywhere" maybe I should use them, so they click or call you!... Get the Idea?!

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