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CITATIONS - Are a VITAL Asset to your Presence on the web! These are typically high Ranking WebSites that give you a FREE Listing so you can add your Businesses information. You can Customize all your Company info. - for a Great user experience AND for SEO to broaden your "Online Footprint". You can add things like: keywords, days and hours of operation, images of your business, Website Links, Social Media Links, Phone Numbers, videos and lots More! In addition many of these listings accept customer reviews AND all create backlinks to your main website driving your site further up in search.

Customize Your Citations & Get ALL The NEW Leads & Sales - Easily!

The main reason these listings are so beneficial is that many of these Citation Sites are Very High Ranking - so when you add your listing to their site - you get the advantage of riding their pagerank & wala... Top-Search Results! In addition: since many of your competitors don't understand any of these Benefits - they don't take the time to customize their listings - if YOU DO - You will rank higher - it IS that Simple!

There are 4 Key (Foundational) Factors you Must Adhere to: For your business to Dominate your category, when you do: you'll attract all the HOT New Targeted Leads in your Town & Automatically get multiple top listings in search! The FIRST of these 4 Factors is: as we said - CITATIONS - BUT, Not just Any Citations - be sure you use the Specific Citations all your competitors are listed on in your town PLUS - by Adding MORE quality citation listings each month you WILL out Rank your competitors! Simple Right? When we set up our clients accounts we do in-depth research to find the TOP high ranking sites that Google Loves! All info is available in a spreadsheet!

WHY it's SO Easy to WIN when You Customize Your Citations!

As simple as this process may seem - There are Very-Few Companies that Care-Enough to Get this right. Even fewer that take the time to compile & send a spreadsheet with All of your login & password information so you can keep everything up-to-date as changes occur - this is VITAL. We DO Offer a Monthly update service as well.

Properly listing, formatting and customizing all your citations is one of the most time consuming, tedious and sometimes exasperating processes that needs to be performed to properly set up the foundation for your business online. These listings also need to be updated from time to time. However the tradeoff is HUGE - you will experience Massive Amounts of High Quality Targeted Traffic, Leads & Sales when these listings are customized, with all your info.
Citations Done Properly - Are Typically One-Time process - with minor revisions and updates that offer massive benefits for your business! When ALL of your Listings Online MATCH GOOGLE Rewards you by pushing your Website Higher in Search - as well as all your other pages with the Same N.A.P. Information! This simply means MORE LEADS & SALES!

One of the 1st and BEST Investments you can Make!

Do You Remember the "YELLOW PAGES" ??

Think of Citations as if they are your "Phone Book" Listings
But these babies are free listings - When you CLAIM Your Listings and 
Customize them With YOUR Top Keywords, Images, Videos n more - Your Citations listings will Dominate your Category - with TOP search results!

CITATIONS have MASSIVE Value for your business - when they are set up properly!
You must Claim them, add keywords, images and even videos where accepted. Also you need to have access to Maintain them for optimal results (More Leads & Sales)

Here is the problem - most companies will "say" they claim them for you - but in many cases they don't actually go out and CONFIRM your listings - This reduces their Value and you lose the ability to go back and maintain the listing - in case of moving - adding product lines etc.. And if you have multiple setting up your listings ad they have different data - it HURTS your business!

Next BIG Problem - most companies won't give you the Login and Password for each account - This means you need to keep Paying them monthly yearly or quarterly. To maintain your records. (This is completely unnecessary and costly). 

When you have LBMG - Setup your Citations for you: we supply you with the complete List of the Citation Passwords - URL's And User names - So you can maintain them if you like.

Pro-Citation Sign-up and Confirmation Service
Dominate Your Category Online!
4. Local Citations Customized - Logins and Passwords | Reg $589 Save $200 w/Order Today Pay $389
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We will Sign your Business up on the TOP 50+ Citation Sites with this order. When Done you will receive a spreadsheet with all of the URL's signed up for and your User Name and Login in Information. (For future maintenance - address changes etc)
Over 50 Sites Claimed - We Provide you with The Password,  User Name and Admin URL to each service!

Get Started today - When all of your company Listings are "in sync" online it adds Great SEO Power to your website. Since each of these Citations creates a Backlink to your Website from High Ranking Citation Sites  - this helps to Promote your Business Even More!

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