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Reputation Marketing for Local Businesses of all types: Single Location, Multiple Locations, Franchises, Hospitals, Contractors, Attorneys, Martial Arts, Dance Studios, and More! Make 2018 Your BEST Year EVER!

Collect Great Testimonials Then Market your 5 Star Reputation to Attract new Prospects, Leads and Sales !

People aren't interested in YOUR claims of how great your Services are! They want to hear directly from past consumers. So how do you accomplish this?
The same way you've grown the rest of your business, with systems. Systems are the Key to all business growth. Creating your 5 Star Reputation is No Different! Find the right Reputation Marketing System to capture Great Customer Feedback on a daily and weekly basis - then then deploy it!  Syndicating all the Great Feedback & 5-Star Reviews you've collected is KEY to your growth and success. When you accomplished this, keep it up! Rinse & Repeat!

The RESULTS?- - Market Domination!  After reading & watching growing numbers of 5 Star Customer Reviews. New Prospects will choose you! Rave Reviews from your Happy Customers prove You Are the Right Choice!

Having MORE  5 Star Reviews then your competition automatically gives YOU the Edge. It also gives you a "Bullet Proof 5 Star Reputation".  You'll Control your Marketplace... but more importantly you'll command all the leads and sales.!
Review. Syndicate. Get Found. PROFIT
Your 5 Star Reputation Will Attract New Leads and Sales24-7 !

The BEST marketing any company could have is Happy Customers sharing their "RAVE REVIEWS"  with the connected world!  In Print, In Images and NOW in Videos!

Every prospect online is looking for... "Real Feedback from Real Customers". People want to read, listen to, and watch, Real Feedback and honest Customer Reviews. The recipe is Simple - outpace your competition by collecting and Marketing MORE Happy Customer Reviews across MORE Social sharing sites, MORE websites, MORE video channels, creating MORE backlinks and consistently delivering your quality Content in Volume. This is the key to Dominating your market and consistent sales Increases. Get started today - Our System will Capture your Happy Customers Feedback then... we'll Market it for you! Sharing their outrageous, passionate, happy, RAVE Reviews and stories of why YOU are the BEST in your Field. Rave Reviews & Customer Feedback are the Right Content to pull in a steady stream of new buyers and sales every week ! 5 Star Reputations are BUILT - they don't just Happen..
To Dominate your Market.. and WIN..  you Must take Consistent, Decisive Action.. If you Don't and your competition Does... the hole you'll need to "dig out of" will get deeper, and more expensive as each day passes

Let Your Happy Customers Tell Your Story.
They'll do it Much Better then you !

Build it and They Will Come...
SEO it and they will Find you...
Share it and they will Engage...
Sell it and they will BUY...

Collect Reviews 4 EZ Ways

In-Store or Online App - Webpage - Text or Email! Customers LOVE to leave FEEDBACK - when you give them an EZ to use system that makes sharing their Feedback easy for them! You can also Reward them for Sharing!

Pro Syndication & SEO

Done-4-You Syndication is the "secret sauce" that compounds your marketing by delivering top ranking positions on Sites like Google+ Facebook, Twitter and 100's More - Your "Lead Flow" problem Solved!

Bad Reviews - No More!

This single factor could Kill your sales.. But, now you can Intercept Bad Reviews.. Connect with your customer and Fix any problems! You'll never have a Bad review post online again.. Only Great Reviews!  

Targeted Marketing List

Each New Feedback / Review automatically adds a Hyper-Targeted Contact to your Marketing list! Login in to your CRM to easily keep in touch! Send Promo Emails, Perks, Rewards, Events Announcements - holiday promotions and more!

HOT!!  Hollywood Style Videos!

Professional Actors present your Customers RAVE Reviews in Video! You've never seen anything like this before! We hand select the companies that qualify for this hot new service! Watch your Sales SOAR like never before when you add Pro-Video Reviews to your Marketing arsenal.

Reporting & Optimization

Rave Reviews will have your Phone Ringing "off the hook" and that's Great... Now it's time to Optimize for Better Results! Views, Engagement Geo Locations and more tell us what to do next! Collecting more leads and SALES has never been so "predictable" Until NOW!
Building Rock-Solid Reputations One Business at a Time
Helping Local Businesses Dominate their Markets and WIN is what we live for...

This is a Done-4-You Service with complete access to reporting, email promo marketing and lots more!


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